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Cool Facts About Turks & Caicos

woman from behind arms spread on beach

Think you know everything this is to know about Turks & Caicos? Well think again. Here are some interesting facts to consider while visiting our world-famous islands.

Turks & Caicos Are Located in the Atlantic

Don’t let our crystal-clear waters fool you, we are located in the Atlantic Ocean not the Caribbean Sea. However, we still are still part of the Caribbean culture, and it shows in our hospitality and foods.

We Have Warm Water Temperatures All Year Long

The surrounding ocean is ready for swimming all year long. During the summer expect 82 to 84 degrees and during winter, 74 to 79 degrees.

The Majority of Our Coastline is Soft Sand

With over 230 miles of beach, your feet can be nestled in soft warm sand as much as you want, making us the perfect destination for beach vacations.

Relaxation is just a moment away. Step outside and enjoy all that we have to offer.