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Hidden Paradise on the Turks and Caicos Islands

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A visit to the islands of Turks and Caicos is like a visit to paradise and Providenciales offers a variety of great beaches for guests to relax and unwind or explore the beautiful waters. However, if you want to discover paradise with an uninterrupted view, we recommend a visit to Taylor Bay Beach. You can have your pick of beaches here in Providenciales, but this is why we think you should choose Taylor Bay.

Secluded Sanctuary
Taylor Bay Beach is in a secluded area that is difficult to find unless you’re a local or you have the inside scoop. The main access to the beach is near villas on the island that are under construction. Watch for the no parking signs if you decide to drive over. Finding this beach is well worth the search because its secluded area means a less populated beach. It’s like having your own private beach.

Shallow Waters
The water at Taylor Bay is a beautifully clear turquoise color and remains knee deep for at least 100 yards. These shallow waters make Taylor Bay perfect for families with little ones who aren’t able to handle the deeper water of the other beaches. The clear color of the ocean waters also make it easier for beach dwellers to see turtles, colorful fish, and other sea creatures that they can capture pictures of.

Quiet and Quaint
You won’t have to worry about loud music or screaming kids at Taylor Bay because the beach is almost always empty. And, if there happen to be other lucky travelers who found their way to this hidden oasis, the beach stretches far enough to plant your umbrella away from the other guests and enjoy a nice quiet visit to paradise.

But, why take our word for it? Book a stay at the Seven Stars Resort and ask our staff for directions so you can explore Taylor Bay Beach for yourself.

Address: Ocean Point Road, TKCA 1ZZ, Providenciales