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The Resort

Your stay at Seven Stars will create treasured memories that last a lifetime. Framed by white sand beaches and the marine preserve of Princess Alexandra National Park, Seven Stars embraces the natural environment of the Turks & Caicos Islands. From the magnificent pool that forms the centerpiece of our resort to your own luxurious accommodations, you will savor the Seven Stars experience.

truly distinguish Seven Stars from other oceanfront resorts. Once you experience our luxuriously appointed junior, one, two, three, and four-bedroom suites with every modern amenity, we think you will agree that Seven Stars is among the most extraordinary resorts in the Caribbean.

Seven Stars is more than a name that merely suggests the extraordinary lengths to which we’ll go to ensure your complete satisfaction. In fact, we take our name from the seven stars of the Pleiades, a storied constellation that, in Greek mythology, represents the seven daughters -- Maia, Electra, Taygete, Celaeno, Alcyone, Sterope and Merope -- of the god Atlas and goddess Pleione.

Also named the Seven Sisters, the stars of the Pleiades are an open cluster prominent in the Northern Hemisphere in winter and in the Southern Hemisphere in summer. The cluster is among the nearest to the Earth of all open clusters and is thought to be the best known and most visable to the naked eye. The Pleiades' high visibility in the night sky has guaranteed it a special place in many cultures, both ancient and modern. For example, the Masai people of Africa saw the Pleiades as a group of cattle while the Inca of South America believed that the constellation protected seeds and farming.

According to one Greek myth, when Atlas is forced to carry the world on his shoulders, Orion begins to pursue all of the Pleiades and Zeus transforms them into doves and, later, into stars to comfort their father. It is said that the constellation of Orion still pursues them across the night sky.

It is said that nowhere do the Pleiades shine as brightly as over the Turks & Caicos Islands. Naturally, we could think of no better name to capture our commitment to creating a resort experience that shines above all others.